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What is String Sprouts


From the generous support of our community students receive FREE of charge:  

  • Violin or Cello

  • 32 Weekly small group lessons annually for FIVE years

  • Weekly parent/caregiver education sessions

  • Quarterly Opportunities to perform

  • Quarterly Performances for families by Kansas City Symphony Musicians

  • Annual concert with a Symphony (UMKC Conservatory Orchestra)


Sprouts KC provides 9 classes Located at 6 partner sites on both sides of the state line, as well as conducting 4 classes during the school day in 2 KCPS locations. Sprouts KC is the first El Sistema based music education program focused on the earliest of learners. 

Learning to play the violin is hard work!  The Sprouts curriculum is specifically designed to keep young children engaged and includes original compositions that are interactive incorporating diverse rhythms and musical styles. Online resources, lessons plans, recordings and a Sprouts community facebook page help support the practice at home and keep Sprouts families engaged.


•   100% of our students learned to play the violin with both left and right hand

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