March 17, 2020 UPDATE


1. Due to current restrictions on public gatherings and UMKC closures, we are canceling Sprouts and the Symphony on April 26th. We know that this is the highlight of the year for our Sprouts students and families and share your disappointment, but we also recognize that this is in everyone's best interest.  As soon as we know anything additional about the potential Future Stages performance in June, we will let you know. 


2. While schools are closed, all in-person Sprouts classes are canceled. However, we are making plans for virtual programming and video lessons.  Once we have the details finalized for this, we will share them via email and on Facebook. We encourage you to keep your Sprout practicing at home as you normally would. 


3. We will be sharing additional musical and educational resources on Facebook in the coming weeks to support your family as your Sprouts are home from school. If you have a good resource to share, feel free to send it to us at this email address and we will post it. 


Please feel free to reach out with any questions.  We are so thankful for all of you who do so much every day to assure your Sprouts continue to blossom as young musicians! 



String Sprouts KC Staff




March 13, 2020

Heartland Chamber Music (HCM) is currently monitoring the spread of Coronavirus in the U.S. and assessing the impact it may have on upcoming programs and events. The health and safety of faculty, staff and students is our top priority, and as each day brings new information, we continue to work diligently with partners to help prevent further community spread. HCM is following the recommendations of local elected officials, area public health departments and the CDC, and all of our staff and faculty have been asked to review and implement procedures outlined in the CDC’s guide on classroom and workplace sanitization practices


As long as students continue to attend school, HCM will continue to provide access to our programming. We have not canceled or postponed any upcoming scheduled String Sprouts or HCM Festival events. There is a contingency plan in place for String Sprouts classes to be offered online if school closures continue beyond Spring Break, and we continue to evaluate the impact this will have on upcoming festival auditions and registration deadlines. 


Although it seems this has already had a tremendous impact on musicians and the performing arts, HCM is working hard to protect our ongoing programs and upcoming events, and most importantly, the livelihood of our devoted faculty members. 


Please check back soon, as the situation is quickly evolving and there remains a possibility that upcoming events will be postponed or canceled. We will continue to share any date changes or cancelations via email, Facebook and the HCM website. 


Thank you for your continued support of our students and our programming. 


Heartland Chamber Music