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Shaping the Future one N   te at a Time














Giving Tuesday or as we like to call it is Giving Violins Day is a day of generosity that will take place on November 29, 2022. 

You don't have to donate exactly on November 29th, we will be raising money to put more violins and cellos in the hands of Kansas City kids from now through the end of the year AND provide more scholarships to our summer festival?



String Sprouts provides FREE of charge to students and their families:

  • Violin or Cello

  • 32 weekly small group lessons for FIVE years

  • Quarterly performance opportunities

  • Quarterly performances from our friends at the Kansas City Symphony for students and families

  • Annual Sprouts and the Symphony concert with the UMKC Conservatory Orchestra


Why support String Sprouts?

  • Equitable access to music education is vitally important to our community.

  • To help children be better prepared for Kindergarten. Sprouts improves classroom behavior, extends attention span and strengthens fine motor skills.

  • Improve the child-parent relationship as caregivers learn alongside their student.

  • Enhance social-emotional skills.

  • Helps create future audiences.


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